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You might not understand how to manage your anger, and controlling these intense feelings can seem like a colossal and daunting task. At Buffington Family Medicine in Keller, Texas, experienced clinical psychologist Dr. Kristine Buffington can arm you with healthy and useful tactics and techniques to help you control your anger. Call the office to schedule your appointment for anger management.

Anger Management Q & A

What causes anger problems?

It’s normal to experience anger sometimes. But when you feel anger too intensely or too often, it can become a concerning problem that can put a strain on your relationships, work, schooling, and other areas of your life.

Anger can be triggered by people, events, situations, memories, or feelings. When you experience anger, your heart rate and blood pressure rise and certain hormone levels increase, resulting in a burst of energy that allows you to react aggressively when you feel threatened.

If you have anger problems, you might feel you have little or no control over the things that cause your anger, but you can learn to control your thoughts and reaction. Excessive anger problems negatively impact your heart, stomach, sleep quality, and overall well-being.

Why do I need anger management?

Anger management is helpful if you:

  • Break things or become violent when you’re angry
  • Threaten others when you’re angry
  • Have been jailed or arrested because of your anger
  • Have arguments that consistently seem to spin out of control

How does anger management work?

Anger management can help you learn how to express, understand, and control your anger in healthy ways. You can learn how to express your needs and feelings while still respecting others.

Anger management can help you to:

  • Pay attention to what’s triggering your anger: Knowing when you might get angry helps you to plan ahead and manage your reaction
  • Change your thinking: You can actively try to choose a positive outlook over a negative one, and avoid limiting beliefs
  • Relax and meditate: Find ways to relax and calm your body and mind
  • Take a time out: You can learn how to safely remove yourself from a situation that you know might trigger your anger
  • Work to resolve problems: When certain situations make you angry time and time again, Dr, Buffington can teach you techniques to find solutions
  • Learn how to communicate: If you find you’re getting intensely angry, take a moment to slow down and listen to the other person without jumping to conclusions

Dr. Buffington works with you to help target your triggers, and helps you to discover the root of your beliefs that lead to anger. She will provide you with breathing exercises and guided imagery, relaxation training, and techniques for improving interpersonal skills.

Medications (such as antidepressants) may be necessary in addition to therapy at times. As such, Dr. Ryan Buffington and his medical team work collaboratively in order to provide you with the necessary treatment for your mental health.

Buffington Family Medicine works with you with compassion and expertise until you feel like you’re in control again. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment.