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Cold And Flu Specialist

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A stuffy nose, scratchy throat, nagging cough, and spiked fever often indicate a bad cold or a case of the flu. You don’t have to just wait your illness out at home; residents of the Keller, Texas, area can seek care for cold and flu symptoms at Buffington Family Medicine. Our medical providers offer treatment and diagnosis of your illness. We can also help prevent your condition from worsening. If you’ve got the telltale signs of the cold or flu, call the office to take advantage of the knowledge and skills of the expert medical team.

Cold and Flu Q & A

What is the difference between a cold and the flu?

Viruses cause colds and the flu. A cold usually presents with a runny nose, body aches, coughing, and a mild fever. Normally, you'll get a resolution of these symptoms within four or five days. The flu may also come with a stuffy nose or yellowish nasal discharge, as well as an achy body, sore throat, and coughing. You'll also likely notice a much higher fever, of 100 degrees or higher, and severe fatigue and headaches. Children often experience nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea as part of the flu, too.

When should I seek medical care for a cold or flu?

If you have trouble breathing, chest pain, or a fever that doesn’t resolve within a day or two, seek care from Dr. Buffington. A cold or flu warrants a visit to the office for these other reasons, too:

  • A persistent sore throat that suggests you may have a strep infection
  • Lasting postnasal drip and stuffiness indicating a sinus infection
  • Severe cough that doesn’t resolve within a week or two could indicate respiratory infection or whooping cough

If you've been exposed to someone who has the flu and suspect you're coming down with it, seek care immediately. Dr. Buffington's team at Buffington Family Medicine can provide you with antiviral drugs that decrease your symptoms and shorten the duration of the illness when caught early enough.

Certain populations are at an increased risk of flu-related complications, including young children and the elderly. If you’re pregnant, have chronic medical conditions, a weakened immune system, or are obese, you should seek medical support at the first signs of the flu.

Talk to the staff at Buffington Family Medicine about obtaining a flu shot to avoid contracting it in the first place.

What are possible complications related to a cold or flu?

Colds and cases of flu can lead to more serious conditions if not appropriately managed. Potential complications include:

  • Pneumonia
  • Sinus infection
  • Bronchitis

Go to Buffington Family Medicine at the first signs of a cold or flu so you can get on top of managing your symptoms and prevent them from morphing into something more serious. Visit Buffington Family Medicine when you have a cold or flu to avoid complications. If you have coughing, congestion, and a fever, call today for an appointment.