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Family Medicine

Buffington Family Medicine

Family Practice Physicians & Psychiatry Specialists located in Keller, TX

At Buffington Family Medicine, we recognize that your family's health is a shared journey. With our dedication and your trust, we're here to nurture the health and happiness of your loved ones. If you live in the Keller,Tx, area start your exploration today by delving into our Family Medicine resources and scheduling appointments that prioritize your family's health.

Family Medicine Q&A

What is Family Medicine at Buffington Family Medicine?

Family Medicine at Buffington is a holistic approach to healthcare that addresses the needs of every member of your family. From children 13 years of age to seniors, our medical team is dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalized care to ensure the well-being of your entire family.

What types of services are included in Family Medicine?

Our Family Medicine services cover a wide range of healthcare needs. These include routine check-ups, preventive care, vaccinations, management of chronic conditions, minor procedures, and more. Whatever your family requires, we're here to provide support.

How does Family Medicine differ from other medical specialties?

While other specialties focus on specific areas of medicine, Family Medicine provides care for the whole family and spans various ages and health conditions. Our practitioners are trained to address a wide range of medical issues, making us your destination for diverse healthcare needs.