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Physical Exams

Buffington Family Medicine

Family Practice Physicians & Psychiatry Specialists located in Keller, TX

Buffington Family Medicine's Physical Exams – your gateway to optimal health and well-being. We believe that proactive healthcare begins with a thorough understanding of your body's unique needs. Our experienced medical team is here to guide you on a journey toward lasting health through comprehensive physical examinations.

Physical Exam Q&A

Why are regular physical exams important?

Regular physical exams are crucial because they allow us to monitor your overall health and catch potential issues before they become more serious. These exams serve as proactive measures to maintain your well-being, helping us identify any changes or concerns early on.

What can I expect during a physical exam at Buffington Family Medicine?

Our physical exams are comprehensive and tailored to your individual needs. You can expect a discussion about your medical history, lifestyle, and any specific concerns you might have. Our skilled practitioners will then conduct a series of assessments, which may include checking your vital signs, evaluating your cardiovascular health, assessing your musculoskeletal system, and more.

What should I bring to my physical exam appointment?

When you come in for your physical exam, please bring any relevant medical records, a list of current medications, and any questions or concerns you'd like to discuss with our team. Having this information handy will help us provide you with the best care possible.