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Virtual Visits

Buffington Family Medicine

Family Practice Physicians & Psychiatry Specialists located in Keller, TX

In today's fast-paced world, we understand that convenience and flexibility are just as important as quality care. That’s why we are pleased to offer Virtual Visits—an innovative way to consult with our healthcare providers from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you have internet access.

We believe that geographical distance or a busy schedule should not be barriers to receiving the healthcare you deserve. Our Virtual Visits aim to provide you with the same level of comprehensive, attentive care that you would receive during an in-person appointment, but with the added convenience of online accessibility.

Whether it's a follow-up consultation, medication review, or even the management of chronic conditions, our virtual platform ensures that you stay connected with your healthcare needs, no matter where you are.

Virtual Visits Q&A

What are Virtual Visits?

Virtual Visits are online medical consultations that allow you to connect with our healthcare providers through a secure video conference. This enables you to receive medical advice, prescriptions, and more without having to come into the office physically.


How do Virtual Visits work?

We use the Zoom platform for our Virtual Visits. Once you have scheduled your virtual appointment, you will receive a secure Zoom link via email. At the time of your appointment, simply click the link to start your Virtual Visit with your healthcare provider. We do ask that you dedicate time to focus on the appointment. For saftly reasons we also ask you not have your appointment while opperating a vehicle. 


What types of consultations are suitable for Virtual Visits?

Virtual Visits are ideal for follow-up consultations, medication reviews, and managing certain chronic conditions. They are not suitable for emergencies or conditions that require immediate physical examination. If you're unsure whether your situation is appropriate for a Virtual Visit, please contact us to discuss your needs.


Will my insurance cover Virtual Visits?

Insurance coverage for Virtual Visits varies by plan. Before scheduling a Virtual Visit, we recommend checking with your insurance provider to determine if this service is covered under your plan. If needed, our staff can assist you in verifying your insurance coverage.


How do I schedule a Virtual Visit?

Scheduling a Virtual Visit is similar to booking an in-person appointment. You can either call our office or use our online patient portal to book your virtual consultation.


Is the Zoom platform secure and HIPAA compliant?

Yes, we use a secure and encrypted version of Zoom that is HIPAA compliant to ensure your privacy and confidentiality during the Virtual Visit.


What technical requirements do I need for a Virtual Visit?

You will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a stable internet connection, as well as a working camera and microphone. Make sure to download the Zoom application beforehand if it's not already installed on your device.


Can I include family members in the Virtual Visit?

Certainly, if you'd like a family member to join your Virtual Visit, they can easily do so via the Zoom link. This can be particularly useful for discussions that involve caregiving or shared medical decision-making.


What if I encounter technical difficulties during the Virtual Visit?

If you experience any technical issues during the Virtual Visit, our support staff will be available to assist you in resolving the problem. You can also choose to reschedule the visit or switch to an in-person appointment if needed.